Favorite territory entered … again

On 30. November 2016 by Klaus

This is just a short report of our flight and first day and evening in New Zealand. In Germany we left in the evening, first for Frankfurt and then for Hongkong. This was the first of two long flights. We travelled for 11-12 hours, I cant remember. Time passes quite quickly and finally watched „The nice guys“ and I also managed to get some sleep. Katrin couldn’t sleep that much, because Hannah was feeling very bad. A blocked nose was accompanied by fever and thus she didn’t drink or eat enough neither she slept the necessary amount to recover. After only 1 hour in Hongkong we boarded for Auckland. In favor for a bed made of three seats and three foot-rest, that could be lifted all the way up to match the seating surface, I had a seat down in another row. Therefore Katrin and Hannah were able to sleep a little bit. Though Hannah didn’t felt good again.
Finally at the airport we picked up our rental car and made our way to the Hostel. We only did some quick shopping for some food and then went to bed, as it already was time to sleep.

Ordinary luggage

Definitely bigger than a Nissan Micra ^^

The backyard of the hostel. It’s cosy and though it is cloudy it is fine warm weather 🙂

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